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As an Employee Relations Case Management Firm, we are your go-to resource, offering strategic, operational, and tactical HR Case Management, Mediation and Workplace Investigation services specifically for Company Directors, Business Owners, and HR teams in the UK.

Email: nathan.andrews@okanagroup.co.uk

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Services Offered

  • Employee Relations and Employment Law Advice

  • Employee Relations Case Management

  • Workplace Mediation

  • Workplace Investigations

  • Chairing Disciplinary, Grievance and Appeal Hearings

"Nathan and I worked together, albeit representing different clients, on a settlement agreement recently. Thank you very much for the experience, Nathan, and I hope we get the chance to do it again soon!"

Richard Hiron - Employment Solicitor

Case Study

Email: nathan.andrews@okanagroup.co.uk

Richard Hiron – Employment Solicitor says:-

“Nathan was representing the employer, and I was representing two employees. Nathan took a very prompt and practical approach. I was particularly impressed by how, even though he was representing the employer, he was also very mindful of my clients’ needs as people, which speaks a lot for him and his integrity. Ultimately, even though it was a shame that the situation had come to the point where the employer and its employees were parting ways, it was a massive relief to be working alongside such a seasoned professional and a respectful human being.”